My Sweet Little Boy

My son Cedric is 13 months old and at the 2nd week of January he turns 14 months old. It is so great when I wake up in the morning my baby Cedric flashing his smile on me and saying mommy and Dada. That’s make me feel so good and start my day so bright and shine. My baby Cedric grows so fast, healthy and strong. He is so sweet, huggable and kissable baby boy. It has seems just yesterday I gave birth to him suddenly he is big boy, run around in the house and talk with his Dad and mom’s. He loved to open the drawers and cabinets, making mess mom’s and dad’s things and he loved to jump and walk on the sofa when Dad and mom’s watching movies and TV shows and play in front, he is just so proud of his self that he can do this and that! He imitates what mom, Dad saying, and doing. He is clever boy lovable and so sweet. I am so grateful his part of our life and thankful to God that he gave me a lovable son. He is not crying baby, easy to be with and deal. Nyay. I love my sweet baby boy.

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technostalker said...

Hi Ricka! I'm really inspired with your story... and your love story of course. have you ever shared in your blogs your love story? your readers (me included!) would really love to hear how you and your husband met. it could be an inspiration to all! :)