Learned How To Drive

I do not know if this is helpful for you, but I want to share to you why I learned so fast to drive a car, maybe this would be also helpful for you if you’re learning to drive a car. Sometimes my husband and I go often to go to carnivals to drive a bump car (I do not know if you are familiar of bump car, which we called this in Philippines) I always urged to my husband that I want to drive a bump car or play the games even is only good for teenagers but I still drive this bump car and go to the arcade. Through in the arcade, which has a motorcycle and driving a car, it helps me to learn on how to drive a real car. During my learning days to drive a car I am glad, my husband had a patience teaching on me how to drive a car too. When he was teaching to drive a car, he wondered why I was so quick to use the steering wheel. I knew some people have a problem about steering wheel, as if one of my friend she has a problem of that and even the gear to the other people is not so easy to them but I am glad I learned so fast how to use the gear, I learned so quickly. When you are in learning to drive a car is not so easy at the first time because you feel nervous and panic, but if you do seriously and you really want to drive a car and want to have a license do it and say to yourself, “why others can do why can’t I?”. That saying keeps me more encourage when I am in challenge. Last December 2006 I am glad I passed my driving exam and I got my driver license. I am happy I learned not automatic car which is the advantage is I can drive a car whether automatic or not automatic. That was a big challenge on me, because driving a car or taking a driving test here in our place is not so easy they are so strict and they have many ways to go until we can have a driving license.

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I like playing bump car :D