My Old El Paso Mexican Food Recipe

My husband and I, we both like Mexican food, like this Old El Paso or Taco. We bought Old El Paso soft pad and sauces last weekend and this is what we had delicious dinner Old El Paso with vegetables. I just cooked different vegetables I mixed, and at first, I warmed up the Old El Paso pad before to put the vegetable in the pad. Then I put this two different sauce, its quiet look funny because I put a little bit the mushroom each side on the plate and at the top, then I wrapped then in a minute volaaa yummy. My husband compared the Mexican restaurant and my own cook Old El Paso recipes, which he said my food that I cooked is perfect taste for him. Wow! I was surprised that my husband said to me that my Old El Paso recipe taste better than in the "Mexican Restaurant" that we have been last year.


filipinoincanada said...

wow.. that looks really yummy.. have to try that one time..

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

This looks so yummy. :)


camilo said...

wow, thank four the recipe