Hilot Movie

I want to watch this kind of Movie “Hilot” producing actress Melissa Mendez. Maybe if I am in the Philippines I’m going to watch this movie. I found out very interesting movie that a must see (read synopsis below). Hmm… it’s long to wait for me I’ll be there in Philippines at Autumn season…. Yeah know the time flies so fast, right? The movie “Hilot” is now showing at all SM cinemas and Robinsons cinemas. Just open this page for more information hilotmovie.sitesled.com

Here is the synopsis from Official webpage of Hilot:

Did you know that one out of four pregnancies end up in abortion? The movie is about the gruesome fate of the people who have gone through abortion and the gruelling effects and remorse it brought about in the lives of the people involved. The story centers on Amparo (Melissa Mendez), a'hilot' (traditional midwife) who executes induced abortion among women with unwanted pregnancies. Her fifteen year old daughter, Carmen (Empress Schuck) serves as her aide.
Disinclined and hostile to Amparo's practices, Carmen does extremely well in school academically despite all the intrigues, harassment and put-up jobs among her fellow students. She characterized herself like a fetus inside a small cask, alive yet blind, deaf and mute. Carmen grew up in an old wooden house that stood in the midst of a busy and highly commercialized area in Quiapo with Amparo and Amang, an old and disabled man revealed to be her own father in the middle of the story.
The house tagged as a horror house seems to be an eyesore in the busy community as more and more buyers would want to acquire it to build a newly low-cost condominium building to benefit more people, but to no avail because Amparo would not sell the house and lot.
One regular client, Claudia (Glenda Garcia), fresh from working in Japan, came into the house to have her third abortion. Right after the procedure, upon seeing the image of a blessed Virgin Mary carrying a child, she realized the significance of life and the mistakes that she has commited not only to the three lives in her womb but mostly to God. There will be an atonement on Claudia's part towards the end of the story where she will be seen inside the Quiapo church carrying an incurable sickness. Amang's life came to an end despite all the hardships and the long years of existence. It was God's will and all of us will leave this earth in God's time.
Carmen apparently becomes more reprimanding and aware about her mother's illegal practices. A pro-life advocate who loves kids, Carmen always dreamed about a bunch of healthy and smiling children full of happiness, full of life. One day, one of her classmates Lani, commissioned Amparo for an abortion session with her boyfriend, Nick, also her fellow classmate. Lani died of infection. The school denounced the incident as more and more students are engaged in early sexual activities and what would be the consequences, early motherhood or abortion. Amparo gets imprisoned and sentenced to a seven year term.
Life must go on, after several years of struggles, Carmen finishes her degree and now a diligent pre-school teacher. Amparo died a natural death after serving her sentence. Life is truly a gift from heaven no matter how long it is, only God can seize. What's more important is for us to learn our significance to others. The story ends while Carmen recounts her childhood memories to her adopted child in front of a proposed condominium building being constructed in the middle of a busy and highly commercialized area in Quiapo that would serve many families.
Lessons have been learned from the many mistakes that Amparo did and those who partook of abortion instead of giving importance and significance to life that the Lord has given all of us. Our lives have been given to us by God and only He can take it from us. We have no right to kill the lives that exist in the wombs of women.


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