Just Short Vacation

Nyay August is here, watta time, is just like a blink of an eye then suddenly now in the 1st week of August. I feel so excited for a short vacation. I can’t wait. Feeling so exciting, we are gonna be visit interesting attraction wth my beloved man and baby Ced. My friend one, also, want to come with us with her son. We just go with our car for about almost 3 hours to drive our car going to our destination, this will be in north of Italy at the boundary of Switzerland by the lake of Lago Maggiore. So exciting.


Barkha said...

Wow vacationing near the boundary of Switzerland must have been amazing.
Barkha Dhar

JAZEVOX said...

i should study the world map more often, i didnt know that Italy is near Switzerland. Those countries are on top of my list to visit someday. fifty states travel