Busy Days

Weekday it was a busy days the weekend was also a busy days. Despite of my busy days I have short time and chance to update my blogs and dropping my EC to those who were also dropped their EC, thanks gurls, surely I drop my EC then when you drop too.
This morning my husband and I went to the city and bought some things including envelope for invitation cards of my baby christening for this coming October. In the afternoon my baby, my husband, my mom and I with my in-laws went to the hills in restaurant, had some snack, ice creams, teas and coffees, and had time to chitchat with them, which was so great together with them. Moreover, this coming Saturday is my friend 40th birthday celebration so at this time I am quite busy helping with her and I have so many appointment. Don’t worry folks for those who were dropping their EC I’ll drop mine too  so that’s all for now. Have a nice day wherever you are around the globe.

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