Vote the Fascinating Filipina Love Story

Hi folks, I have something to ask you a favour I ask your support, this is my first time to ask your support here, hope you give your support to my sister. Please vote for my sister love story contest in this Blog just look in the right side bar Gen-gen name, and then check it and then click vote. Your vote would bring my sister to the first top and win I hope that… you are also free to read pinays stories who were married a foreign man and maybe if you were looking a foreign man maybe these give you encourage or it might be those stories are helpful and enlighten you. Thank you so much….


chiuiyourlove said...

well, okay since youve asked, then i will. :D more power to your blogs and God bless!

Allen's Darling said...

Hi there,

Sister ka pala ni Gen-gen, Salamat for mentioning my blogs.If you want we can x-links? Just choose my blogs w/c do u like? hehheee






thank you so much

Allen's Darling said...

thank you so much dear..thank you so much...thank you so much.

-Have a nice day.
Allen's darling.