Beautiful Weather Says Good-bye

Oh my, now the snow is coming. As what I have heard the news today and read the magazine the snow is coming sooner.

After having nice weather on weekend, the winter announces itself now. It becomes off tomorrow cold, ugly and wet. The snow can’t wait the time. October showed up from its most beautiful time. Also on the last weekend of the month, the weather in most parts of Switzerland presented itself again the late summer. With the October end now, however the beautiful weather says good-bye.

Tuesday starts tomorrow the cap and Hands cloves is the time to wear. The weather becomes changeful and occasionally wet.

The temperatures roll up to 8 degrees Celsius, on Wednesday up to 4 degrees Celsius. The snow limit falls on 500 to 700 meters high.

On Thursday the snow probably it’s begin in the low land.

I am so excited again having snow in our surrounding I want to play with my son as he can already walk and run around. Nyay! Sooner we are going to go snow sledging. This is so exciting!


Dan1658 said...

So do you welcome the snow or mourn the warm weather? I myself enjoy the weather as hot as possible. Thats why I enjoy the Philippines so much.

Anonymous said...

Hello sweetie :D It's so cool that you can finally have some snow fun with your son! ^_^ Unfortunately, it never snows so much here where I live, but when it does, it's really cool! Wish you to have a wonderful winter time dear.