Amazing Mountains

It’s been a week now since I update my blog. I have so many pictures to share of you here but few days ago, I was quite busy for preparing something for christening, organized and preparing christening favors just click it here to view the christening favors and it was successful christening happened and that was on Sunday. I shared some photos in Simply Amazing blog in christening of my son just click the link to view the photos.

Anyway, this is I wanted to share yah all, the photos that I’ve took during the day of christening of my baby, the weather was great. When we were on the way to go back home from christening this was what we had seen. So now hold your breath....!!!!

These was by the field on the way to Schuepberg to Muenchebuchsee Village in Bern Canton…..

It was few days ago before the christening of my son was snoway at night that’s why the mountains now are full of snow.

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