This afternoon, I have scheduled to my OB doctor for ultrasound. Every month I had scheduled to checked up the baby. Yeah, im so excited to see again my baby winking, moving and kicking, in my womb, oh so cute baby. I can't wait the baby come in this world, I can't wait to hug, kiss and carry my baby.It is 88 days to go it is my delivery date.
We bought already last Month of May a complete set for baby room and some clothes for the baby *wink* and these mobil set will be here on September and I am so excited to arrange all of these things for the baby.
Wanna post later on the picture about ultrasound of the baby if my OB doctor give that one.

And this lunch time, I cooked sphagetti with Basilicom sauce, Yes, I missed Sphagetti hmmm...this would be yummy yummy...It is 30 minutes now my husband coming home...I love to cook for my husband food. He ate what I cooked and what I put on the table..LOLs...he is not picky speaking about the FOOD. Im so lucky to have him very much. What could I ask for a man more, I am happy with him, he is the one that every woman wish.

Thats all for now my friends,
thnx for the visit my friends...hugs...
Have a great day!

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