Happy 90th Birthday

First, I want to say to my beloved grandmother in-law, Happy 90th Birthday! I wish more birthday’s to come and good health always.

Yeah folks, yesterday it was the 90th birthday of my grandmother in-law. We went to visit her yesterday we brought flowers and greetings to her and she told us she was in beautiful restaurant with her niece. Supposed to be a big celebration for her but as what she said she does not like to celebrate as a big celebration, she wants only to celebrate a simple celebration. At night after we visited her, we went to grocery we bought food for this coming week and something for my little boy and we bought some foods for tomorrow for a late simple celebration of my grandmother in-law birthday. We are just six people including my son. We wanted to have a grill food near by our flat in little park. My husband and I try out to bake cake for her as a birthday cake. My husband and I like baking than to buy on the bakery that is why we decided to bake a cake tomorrow for her as a birthday cake. I hope the cake will be good because this is our 4rth time to bake cake. Ok, those all for now folks see you later. Have a nice Saturday.

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Mummy Sheng said...

happy birthday to you grandma-in-law!