I Started My Work

Few days ago, I mentioned here in my blog that I am going back to my old work and today I started my work it was pretty doing well. My chief was so happy again that I go back my work and the kids missed me so much and I missed them too. Maybe you wondered why I mentioned “kids” actually; I am working in Kindergarten that is why I mentioned “kids”. I knew how they missed me so terribly. I missed them too. I stopped my work last year due to my situation because I was pregnant of my little baby boy and today I started again. I am so happy to go back again my work, but this time I just work within three hours in every Wednesday and that is enough for me because I have also a baby boy he need my attention. I work it just for fun and I need too to encounter more people especially I need to learn more their language. In kindergarten, we sing a song Swiss german and speak swiss german too. I learned fast their song and I can understand more now too their Swiss dialect of Swiss people but I need more to learn their dialect.

Photo above took today during our snack time at my work with cute kids.


shimumsy said...

that is a nice break for you kahit 3 hours lang. kids are fun. good luck.

Lalaine said...

that's great Ricka! Yeah, I agree with Shimumsy..even if you're working it serves as a break for you. We need that sometimes coz it's quite boring to do the same thing everday even no matter how much you love what you do.

The kids are cute!

Pamps said...

good for you! you can do what really makes you happy and also good for the kids who love to be cared and thought by you!

laura said...

hi! ricka,nice work kids is fun...happy thursday

Joy said...

Hello.. Working with kids,, Thats good!! I used to work at pre school before I have Braiden.. now I'm busy looking after my kids,,
Just hopping around to see how are you doing... See you around http:aussietalks.com

Aleckii said...

AAHHH!! How cute they are!

Like me, I know my calling, it's also to work with children. I aspire to graduate as a doctor then do my specialization in pediatrics.

You seemed to have found your calling too, amazing!