The Weather Update Today

Hello friends and co-bloggers. How day? My baby and I, our day was not so special, we just stayed at home because the weather today was so bad a little bit dark during the day time. At dawn time was started to rain and now so wet outside, while I am doing typing this entry I can still hear the drops of the rain on our window and it is quite windy too. My husband and I when we were out from the market store few hours ago, we thought snowy but that was not the snow it was the rain falls. Tomorrow the weather again is warm as what we heard the news in Television. I do not know what I should do for tomorrow with my baby; maybe we are going out and go to the mall to have a little bit shopping (lol) nearby our village or maybe going to the park have some fresh air again. Ew! (lol)


Elda Carlson said...

hello have a good day passing by here u mind xlinks with me?

Elda Carlson said...

I added you already hope add mo rin ako salamat!