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Since I joined in blogosphere world, few months ago when I opened my email, I received an email from I am not so familiar of what this page ranking is. I am not old in blogging yet I do not even know how to customize my blog and eventually I learned it and I found it there is also a way on how to know customize my blog and I found it there is also a way on how to know my rank by looking up online. Having a blog rank is encouraging and even myself makes me wanted to update my blog often as I can. Blogging is fun and besides I can show my pictures of my baby and my parents can see him even they are far away and it can give them updates how big is their grandson is. When I was searching and browsing what page rank is and then I learned what the meaning of ranking. I was confused about my blog rank, therefore, I signed up in to get my real rank and I found it is very good one and it is interesting and its calculate page views in your blog. However, one of the paid post (PPP) using this Izearanks for bloggers real ranks. Furthermore, Izearanks which is based on real traffic measuring your real visitor in your blog of your unique visitors of the day or page views of the day. It is just so easy to use and you will know your real blog rank everyday. This blog rank designed for bloggers and for the advertisers in blogosphere world. Did you know your real rank of your website? Get your real rank now at or if you wanted to compare to other blogs, check this IZEA blog rank guys and sign up and post some comments and have fun!

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