Aeschi Restaurant

This is the salad I had in Aeschi restaurant during our stays even for a snack time but I convinced to my husband to have a salad because I missed to eat different salad in one plate. It was quite a lot but I was glad I had a saver! (lol) my husband finished eating the rest of my salad. The salad was colourful and of course was perfect taste sauce and perfect taste salad. The best taste, which was amazing picturesque where you can see from our table where we sat down the lake and the town of Thun while we were eating.

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Lalaine said...

wow!!i'm not so much of a salad person but any salad must have tasted so delicious with the beautiful , scenic background you have there!

gen2507 said...

hi there, kalami man ana na food, panghatag beh, permi lang ka palaway naku inig anha naku panghutdon tana mga food dihaa sa inyo para di naka makapaila naku hehehe

amdan said...

You have a great blog site.. I like it.. And also your salad... lol
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