Snow Today

From our Balkon
We never thought that in this month having a snow again here in our place because it is warm and sometimes I saw people wearing already a shirts but this is what we saw this morning when we opened our window it is already quite thick snow. Actually, here in our place like this month we still having a snow and sometimes until the month of April still snowy, but we thought not having again the snow today because last December and January it’s not to much snow and it is really dry winter, but we are wrong! The snowy season is back again!
When I was looking at the outside from our window, I felt that I am freezing! Brr! I like snow but this snow is so late now! I do not like as if the snow that will come back again in this time because it’s drives me crazy when I go outside with my little boy I need to pack him with more jacket
and pack things for him.

View from our Kitchen

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Anna said...

Wow kadaghan sa inyong snow dinha dai io...Dinhi sab inches ang snow dinhi hadlok drive hehehehhehe. Agi agi lang ko dinhi dai. Take care and have a wonderful time.