Swiss Miniature in Melide

The Swiss miniature Park in Tecino, Switzerland. This is the best thing being here that experience to ride with a miniature train and see the houses, buildings, churches, mountains miniatures that the most fantastic places and the most important buildings in this fantastic land! However, is miniature but you're feeling like you tour around Switzerland. It was great being there with my sister, my brother and my husband. We had a lot of fun looking those things and amazing artistic miniatures.

With My sis and my husband, we are look like giant! Picture at the top is my sister and brother at the same place.


MaRIe PeEdE said...

Kaanindot ba aning miniature oi... agi ko geive tabang nasad ko saon pag change og layout if naa kay time ha nagsawa nko sa akong template ba, gusto na nko ilisan.. tudlui lang ko ha para makabalo ko!Ty daan

Lalaine said...

wow!cool! I love looking at miniature houses..unsa nlng kaha kng miniature city!

Mommy Ruby said...

HELLO THERE! just wanna say hi and have a wonderful day!!