Google Spring Logo

Wow, the spring is just around! Today is the 1st day of spring. Let us celebrate the 1st day of spring. When I was browing-using Google, I noticed their new logo. This is means that the spring is here. I like this spring Google logo because with flowers tulips and look so lively. I am glad is the spring is here. The weather here is getting better and better like today is a sunny day! I hope this weekend is perfect weather until Monday because my husbands do not have work and we wanted to stroll around here in our place. We do not have plan yet where we are going but I am sure this Easter season we will enjoy!


Lily said...

Hi Ricka,wow! atleast its already sunny in yur area,we had a very confusing weather here in Bavaria.
visiting you here wishing you a happy thursday! advance happy easter!

Mommy Ruby said...

it's really cute that you took notice of the google spring logo. haven't been there for a while since i search directly in the toolbar. anyway, nice to know that you are back to work. i hope you and your husband would have a wonderful weekend together. God bless!

Pinay Mommy