Palmitos Park, Gran Canaria Island, Spain

This was in Grand Canaria Spain during our vacation. This was during our visit in Palmitos Park. This was stolen shot, the photographer was hiding in a little house (bahay kubo in Philippines a native house) which I do not realized that they will caught me why I was looking the parrot birds! It was so amazing birds and friendly they will never fly even you are so near them, even you touch them. They are so cute and they big parrot. My husband he was behind me on the photo he was shocked is not good photo that is why we did not get the photo of him, unlike me I was good not so shocked of this photo. In Palmitos Park, they have different exhibition show, like bird of frey exhibition, eagles, falcons and several species of owls, along with other bird of prey in free flight will perform spectacular aerobatics show. They have Parrot exhibition, which is strikingly colorful exhibition, which is so gracious performance of cockatoos and parrots showing off their skills and intelligence and the exotic bird exhibition including marabous, ibises, spoonbills, the cheeky Kookaburrahs and the gracious flight of our parrots. That was great show and great experienced that we saw this exhibition of birds.
In Palmitos park, you can see there are many different kinds of animals too that you will enjoy and meet the Meerkats animal, which is so cute and very funny to see them while they are playing.

view from theater during the birds show!
experience to hold the big parot this was during the show!
oi folks these are real parot! (lol) this was in studio by park!
The Meerkats, so cute!

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jana said...

i love meercats hehehe, is that flower? paying a visit here hav fun day