My Baby A Little Good Boy

He is just so cute and good boy. I am so lucky being a mom of him! He does not give me stress, headache and pissed off! He just cries softly and so sweet! That is my little boy. I am so proud being a mom! He loves so much when I changed the clothes, diapers and when we give bath to him. He likes when I clean his ears, nose and cleaning when he is pooing. He likes when I giggle to him, play and talk. That is my little good boy.

Anyway, I wanna thanks to Malyn giving this beautiful friends award. Thanks girl I appreciate it! This is so touching award from you!

and this blog lovin' from Ladynorms, Thanks for this nice awards friend, this is so sweet from you! I appreciate it! I pass this awards to all my co-bloggers! Grab it now guys! Thanks.

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Moon Goddess Lae said...

such a cutie baby boy!