Flat iPhone 3G

I posted entry here I talked a short line about iPhone 3G. Just here in our place I thought yesterday it was launching of the iPhone 3G it was pretty good my husband check out in the mobile online shop and found out that today early in the morning was the launched and available in the market here in our place. I am going to look this iPhone 3G this evening and don’t know if I could buy one at this time or maybe I could wait that the price will drop down, but I heard is now lower price. Should I get one? (lol) As you know, I am a woman who is looking price sale. I am not buying things on a high price I wait the things if that will drop down meaning “SALE” I am practical woman, I am not so extravagant woman ha-ha-ha I know how to deal it.

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michaelwood59 said...

i like the looks of this new phone and am interested in buying one. I did a blog on this phone the other day too. I think its the hottest phone on the market.