City of Bern During Holiday Season

Hubby and I went to the Bern City during Three Kings Day. Its just 5 minutes with our car, when with Bus within 15 or 20 minutes ca. and with the train just 10 minutes ca. you will be then in the City of Bern.
We parked our car a little bit, far from where we should go.
In addition, when were passing by the bridge we saw the Alps, it was so beautiful, I love to see this mountains. These are the known Alps in Berner Oberland, the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. It is not look like quiet near. When it is good weather this is you can see from our place to Bern.

Then we go back home and it was already dark. This is the City of Bern during the night of holiday season.


Lisa said...

Thanks for dropping by. Nice photos you have here. Pls come again and visit me next time. Take care.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow, ang ganda dito...hindi pa ako napunta sa Bern.....hope someday.

thanks sa visit ha?

pls come again..

balik-balik ra ko diri.....gadali rako kay magloto na sa among panihapon...

bye and again thank you

idealpinkrose said...

wow! what a wonderful place sis.

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