Happy Three Kings Everyone

Hello, im back, I fall asleep this morning and I woke up at exactly 12 noon, I slept within almost 4 hours, How so nice when you are in a deep sleeping! I feel fresh now, and energytic ready to fight now today in computer LOLs.
Today is Three Kings Day! Happy Three Kings Everyone. What are you doing today gals in 3 Kings Day? Hubby and I, have plan to go outside, but grrr. the weather today here is so bad its quiet dark outside and foggy and it is really cold makes me frozen its 7 degree celcius or 45 °F, but that is not really normal here usually in January the degrees will be in minus degrees, but now we are here strange weather ha this week!
Hopefully, this afternoon will shine and also tomorrow or this whole week or month or a year, how so nice weather is that in all time always the sun shining! huh..this makes me miss in Philippines, because mostly the weather there is so nice and pretty good warm.
I want to say again Happy Three Kings Everyone!


Jonna Luttrull said...

hello amizing happy three kings i didnot know today is the three kings. dito sa amin ngayon parang spring in 3days.

Jonna Luttrull said...

hello bloghopping here hope to see you onmy blog