Shopping and Update Today

Today, we just stay at home, the fever is attacking to hubby. The fever keeps my hubby weak, poor hubby. Before he went to bed I gave him a relaxing massage, so that he can sleep well and feel relax and I see him now in deep sleeping nearby with our beloved baby CD and on his crib sleeping too, as he is sleeping I got a chance typing this post at this moment.
Today, nothing so special happenings of us, I just taking care of my baby, eating hehehe, cooking, lying on couch with our baby boy while we are watching the shows in TV and sometimes I chatting to my friends and surfing on the net.

Yesterday, we went shopping, we bougth some clothes of my baby because he recieved a gift certificate from his grandparents, friends and relatives and I bought two pairs of clothes too, as I am being addicted of buying stuff, I cannot control myself not to buy especially when I see something looks nice for myself. It is really such a universal female attitude likes to do shopping, don't you agree with me? Just bought it on the spot because it was alot of people in the store, i did not try if it is fit on me or not the store was very crowded as after Christmas alot of people go to store as they recieved some giftcards from their friends, relatives, parents and others there was no fitting room vacant, so I decided to pay it immediately without trying even if it is fit on me or not but I love the color and the style it looks great on me.

The Clothes we bought for my baby boy

and my Clothes I bought

and the Lambskin Comforter for my cute baby boy.

Is quiet expensive though but this is really good for baby care. Made of lambskin, the Babycare Longwool Soft Natural Lambskin Comforter is perfect for soothing baby with genuine comfort provided by quality materials. The Babycare Longwool Soft Natural Lambskin Comforter is perfect thermal control all year round and can be used in a variety of ways. Wool is nature's insulation keeping baby warm and cozy in cold weather. In hot weather, wool absorbs moisture which is then released into the air, leaving baby drier and more comfortable. machine wash and dry once a month.

Care Instructions:
Hand washable
Machine wash and dry
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Can be professionally dry cleaned
Color: Oaten
Dimensions: 32-37 inches long with minimum width of 22 inches
Pile height: 1.6-2.7 inches

Oks gals, thanks for peeking again my page! See you on your page tomorrow! hugsss...good night! Here our time almost 2 AM now, when Im posting this entry. hayy, blogging blogging!

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