The MacArthur Park

This is our photo that we were boyfriend and girlfriend for almost 5 years now. On that time while my husband and I still engaged we like to go here, go around the park, sitting down on the green grass and chatting.
My husband and I love this place Mc-Arthur Park because it is so nice and cool breeze air. Which is I also like is so green and clean. And beside of this park, there you can also have a buko (a fresh young coconut to eat and drink juice). This place is not far from our place, it’s just 15 minutes by car or 35 minutes by jeepney (another transportation in Philippines besides tricycle or buses)
This is called Mac-Arthur Park, because this is the place where General Douglas Mac-Arthur landed with the American Liberation Forces in 1944. The Statues stand in a lagoon, it is bigger than life sized.

This Photo above took last 2006 during our summer Vocation in Philippines.

This Mac Arthur park also near by red Beach Palo, Leyte which is a historical beach.


novz said...

i also had a photo of me taken at this park. That was a decade ago.

Tintin said...

hi having a hard time to post in your CBOX i don't know why...have a good SAT. thanks for visiting my site:-) was quite busy. have you been to Fasnacht?

Carolyn said...

i have something for you..check it out

jazevox said...

i never been to this part of phils, hope someday! ive seen the McArthur statue in history books when I was scholling in phils :-)