A Little Bit Shopping In Lausanne

By Motorways restaurant, going back home from Laussane. Need to take a little bit rest and eat something for a dinner!

I had a great weekend. My Husband my baby and I went to Lausanne, but before that, we planned to go the small town near by our place in Murten. It is a German and French language town just for roaming around and a little bit to walk there, but we end up to Lausanne City, because in Murten the weather is really so bad it is so foggy so my husband decided to go in Lausanne and we drove almost 1 and half hour, what a hassle! It is only for a walk and we end up to this far place Lausanne. (Well, that’s really my husband and I we really love to spend our day to go outside, when we have nothing to do so, and we just go out, enjoying to the fullest of the day, no matter how far is that, only want spend time together and enjoy)
That was the first trip with our baby, which is a little bit far from our place.
When we were there, the weather was so nice; it is sunny, it is cold though, but perfect because it was a sunny weather. There was a bunch of people walking on the street and some women wearing for summer clothes, gosh! In addition, that was cold for me. There was also busy buying something, like clothes, shoes, bags and others. there are some younger boys and girls laughing each other.
We walked a little bit around the city, we bought my husband shoes, and of course, I bought for myself too! hehehe, (My husband make fun of me and he does always counts how many shoes already I have) the shoes was not expensive and it is leather too, that was a big discount to us, that’s was I like and I bought also two pairs of clothes. It is nice to buy a something when there is a big discount and of course, when it is good quality.
This Lausanne City, it is nice town too but it is tiring to walk because the road is steep. I told to my husband, “I will never live and work on this City, if I go every morning to walk this kind of way I will be so skinny but that can good also for exercise , but anyway, if I born there, maybe I used to walk that kind of road everyday!
Our day was wonderful and we enjoyed our visit in Lausanne, even this City is steep to walk and a little bit shopping in there, that I feel so good about this hehehe.
We arrived at home almost 8:00 in the evening and my baby cute boy tired too, I just fed him and he fall asleep then.
I think maybe, this coming spring or summer we will go back there, to have walked again hehehe of this steep place to walk around. I think we will look the other parking place that we will not walk too much on the steep road and so that it will be much easier for us and not a lot of effort climbing up to reach the place that where we want. It was a great experience in Laussane I had.

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