Visitors From Brazil

Weekend was quite busy; my husband had a hard cough and fever a little bit. He pitched our visitors in railway station and bought them to Gurten panoramic view in Bern in our place. They are from Brazil but few weeks ago they have been to Rome Italy, one of them is a classmate of my husband in Australia in English class. They came in our place just for a Holiday just few days and visit us too.
My son and I just stayed at home and waited them an hours. At night we prepared food a Raclette, which was our dinner. That was the 1st time of our visitors tried out the Raclette food which is the specialty (traditional dish) of Swiss people.

Raclette this is easy to prepare than Fondue (special for Swiss people too). Raclette is a type of cheese that prepared with boiled or roasted potatoes, with small gherkin and onions. The grill heats in small pans in which each guest melts the cheese with vegetables and other toppings of his or her choice and grill on tops which for cooking sausages or bacon and other savouries that you wish to slather with cheese.

The dessert, Ice cream on top with different fruit like strawberry which I served to them.

The night was full of chit chat, different topic we talked about and at the end we took photo together with them, even my baby was on the bed, I awake him to be with us on the photo session (what a silly mommy, sorry baby). We received also a gift from them! What a sweet friends? Never forget bringing a gift for us from Brazil. I received a cute bag colour pink; my husband received a T-shirt (for summer) painted Brazilian name and flag and our baby received a cute a pair t-shirt and short for summer outfit too! and also he pacoquita roasted peanut and Pingo de Leite chocolate from Brazil snacks food. We had also a gift for them cute cup milk made in Switzerland which is so funny, the cow inside of the cup milk which they like it!

Thank you so much Tatiane for this beautiful gifts. We feel so special by your thoughtfulness and sweetness to us. I warm you thank you very much for these amazing gifts.

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Aleckii said...

Hey! Raclette! I remember it! We had it with our friend back when we visited Luzerne, Switzerland. Melted cheese eaten together with bacon and pickles. Delicious!