In Monte Carlo, Monaco

Photo took from Cactus Garden
Do you know where this place guys is? This was in Monaco. We have been there past few years during our City tour Vocation in South of France.
We spent just one day on this little country, Monaco, because we stayed in Nice City, France, just 30 minutes from our place where we stayed a couple of years ago. I like Monaco, is quite calm and clean, it is also the spot of celebrities. They have so many nicest hotels, houses, buildings, sophisticated restaurant and specially the luxury ships. They have fabulous parks and gardens. There you can see the fancy cars on the streets, like long limousine, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini cars and others.

I remember I met one Filipino family in Monaco, and you know what where are they from? In the same village here where I am living now in Switzerland. What a small world? We didn’t meet here in our village but we met in Monaco, (lol) small world!
Monaco is the small country. It has its own government and the head of state is His Highness Prince Albert.
They speak French, Italian, and English are widely spoken. Monte Carlo, Monaco which named by Prince Charles lll, internationally famous casino, luxury hotels, leisure facilities
Monte Carlo, Monaco is known of casino, glamour, gambling and for sighting of the famous people of the world.


Anonymous said...

wow,lovely pictures.i dream of visiting monaco someday..:)

by the way,linked u already.

Haze said...

Wow, monaco is such a great destination, me I only dream for it, hehehe.

Who knows maka-anha ra pud ko lol.

Beautiful photos!


Vanniedosa said...

tagged you Lovell!
enjoy :)

Lalaine said...

wow!it's beautiful! You're so blessed to have visited these beautiful places :)

Sheilalu said...

Wow! What a beautiful place...

bunso said...

wow ang ganda ganda! sana malipad din ako jan!hehe!

gen2507 said...

wow sis nice one wahhh i never been there, darn! might my hubby and I will go there someday too blehhhhh! lol hahahaha amaw sis.