His Having A Tooth

The time flies so fast, the spring is almost here; my baby too is growing so fast. Yesterday, it was a little bit bad weather a little bit cloudy, the sun was hiding (lol), and hopefully today the weather will be better than yesterday. My baby and I just stayed only inside our house. I am now busier than the other month because my baby has a small tooth now and started coming out, he felt so bad sometimes makes his uncomfortable. I thanks that my friend yesterday was calling me on the phone and I was telling that my baby having teeth, and she was telling that there is a crème for the gum for the baby that makes relieve and make him comfortable. My baby now needs so much care attention, he does not like alone lying on bed and playing alone too, he want that I’m always with his side. He is now 3 months and 4 weeks old, so quite so early having a tooth for him and that his doctor said, earlier or later the baby having a tooth anytime. That is why my baby last month he just keeps playing of his gum. It is difficult for me to be online sometimes, update my blog, and grab opps, but I am trying hard to do some update my blog and visiting to my entire co-bloggers page. See you on your page then! Have a great day!

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