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Tomorrow (Feb. 7) my baby Cedric he will be 3 months old.
The time goes by so fast; he is also growing so fast. Our last visit on his doctor he was 6 kilograms and 60 centimetres. I think now he is 62 cm. and 7 or 8 kilograms? Probably, he is! Wow, really so fast growing the babies nowadays.
Some clothes are now so small for him. Some clothes just used only once. Last past few days we bought him a bundle of clothes.
My baby is pretty doing well. He is healthy and I don’t have problem at all. He is a cute, good boy and talkative but shy. He doesn’t give his mommy problem. He cry when he has stomach ache, hungry and when the diaper is wet but not crying out loud. I’m lucky so lucky to have him. He loves to play and he likes talking with us, some vowels of ah oh and eh!
Sometimes when his dad make naughty to him and talks to him, he had cross eyebrows, something’s he can understand what dad talking all about. When his Dad and I not pay attention to him while he is talking, he gets angry, he makes louder his voice and something he is going to cry. Huhh! My baby he is something 2 years old already! How so smart he is?

Photo captured last Janaury 23 when he was talking to us, thats why his mouth round.(ai pati man sad ilong apil istorya. (in our dialect))

He loves to hear the music and watch TV. He has excitement when the show on TV are so funny and when he hear that always laughing(lol). He loves to play on the bath. He does not cry at all even on his 1st bath in hospital and until now he loved it.
He can recognized now who are strangers and not stranger, but he still smile at stranger especially when they look him straight in the eye and coo or talk to him. But he's beginning to sort out who's who in his life, and he definitely prefers me, my husband, and a select few over others.
He really like to eyes to eyes on me with his smile then a little bit winkle on his left eye.(Like his Daddy) Ew, I’m so in love to him.
He searched me in our room when I am not on his side and move his arms in excitement or smile when he found me.
When he is hungry when I’m going to feed him he moves a lot of his legs and arms with smile, I can feel his excitement.

I feel so much excitement for my baby’s growing. Sooner he can crawl on the floor or on the bed. Let see then.

See the 1st bath on tub at home of my baby and with his friend Damy, click this:In Hospital and on the Bath at home and With his friend Damy

thanks for viewing and visiting my blog. Hope to see you again here folks! Have a great day! My baby Cedric say to you all "Happy Valentines day!"


Norm said...

hello baby Cedric! ang cute cute mo talaga, happy valentines to you Ricka..take care

Norm said...

Hi Ricka! may tag pala ako sayo sa tagboard ko nalang ilagay ang link ha, have a nice day..

Lalaine said...

hi ricka!your baby is so cute and huge too!It's great to hear abt your baby's developmnts. I have a 3 month 3 wks old baby too. God bless!

My Sassy Mind said...

Your baby is cute.. by the way, care for an exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

My Sassy Mind

gen2507 said...

hahaha ka cute sa baby nimo, his mouth is circle LOL.. haha very cute:) miss my nephew CD!

Wildcatlady29 said...

What a cute baby....oi sa chattanooga d i ka?asa man inyo sa chattanooga?

Luana said...

awwww ^0^ happy Valentine's to you too, little Cedric! you're such a sweetheart!

and your mom's lucky to have you ;) eheh. you're such a little smart good boy!

you're a lucky mom, Ricka x3

Norm said...

hello Ricka! I got another tag for you girl, I hope you like it just visit my yesterday site ..thanks