In Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL.

What have you seen in this photo? Isn’t a woman and a man? the man which is the Portrait of Abraham Lincoln. This is the one of the art work of Salvador Dali. This was in Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida. Few years ago, my husband (took photo), my sis, bro in-law (husband of my sis) and I, were visited this Salvador Dali Museum.
Salvador Dali was a surrealist. Surrealist is an art movement and known for the visual artworks. Some works are strange, so you must use your imagination.

The art of Dali was excellent and amazing works. Even my husband he is not fans of paintings but he really amazed and he admired the art of Salvador Dali. When we were there, there was a tour guide explaining to us each art work of Salvador Dali, his work it’s really interesting, every art displayed with a focus hidden details. The paintings are interpreted section by section to analyze the dreams, desires memories and that inspired the art work of Dali. It was takes a bit longer our stay there looking around in order to know it all. Dali, he is the one of the best artist that I really heard in my life.
Here in our place we are near also a museum called Paul Klee Museum but we never been there, it is also about art works but it is different of Dali as what I’ve heard.


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nice pictures sis! got a tag for you in yesterday's site, visit me if you have time, take care and happy weekend..

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