In Gurten Kulm, Bern

Good day co-bloggers and friends. How day? How was your weekend? My husband, my son we had fantastic weekend. We were in Gurten Kulm, which is the panoramic view in our Place in Bern. We love this place. In summer my husband and I we always visited this place, we did picnic, playing badminton (other sports too, which is possible to play) and walking around on this little hill. In winter we came here for snow sledging, (but now not possible snowsledged to us because we have a little baby, he need our attention) and walking around too (like in this photos) then have some snacks in restaurant. In this place, back 2004 was my 1st time snow sledged here, this is the place which a lot of memories of us. This is the 1st place also that my husband brought me here when I arrived from Philippines last 2004. (I’m 4 years now living in Switzerland, Conratulations for my self).
This hill, its is just about 864 meters from sea level but there you can see the fantastic view the land of kanton Bern, which you can see also the alps.

Here are the latest photos and video:

More video here, click this: my baby with his Damy and maybe he is dreaming too? watchout he is so cute with his Damy, which he like to play a lot.

I recieved this Valentines award from Anne and Lalaine. Thank you guys for passing this award, I appreciate it so much!
Now Im passing this award to all my friends in my blogroll! Grab it now, guys!


Adam said...

Wow! Nice pictures. I have never been to Switzerland and hope to visit the country one day.

stev & emz said...

helo Gen! those are lovely photos and a very nice award to from your friends. anyway.. i got a tagged for you too, i hope u dont mind. take care!

jazevox said...

i can see why you love the place, its breathtaking views!

enjoy the rest of your week Rickavieves

Nievz said...

Your baby boy is cute.. and i know how excited you are for having ahealthy boy like him.Yes children grow so fast, seems just eyebash they crawling LOL.
Nice post Ricka..!