In Rose Garden Bern and Dinner In Italian Restaurant

Yesterday we were in Rosengarten (Rose Garden in english). We had a little bit sun and a little bit walked in there. I thought is not so cold, so I wore not so thick jacket, when we were there, I felt so cold, I was freezing but it was good there is an old man selling some food and one of that warm drinks like teas. We had Yogi Tea and a little bit cookies. I thanks there is someone selling foods and warm drinks.

Caught on the act of my husband

with his trophy (lol)

Rose Garden this is a little bit big park with over 200 varities of roses and hundreds of other flowers from around the globe. It is so nice to walk in there during the season of spring and summer, you feel like you are in paradise. In this place where you can see also the best views of the old town round of Bern, City which the River Aare flows. On clear days the view of the Alps is stunning. That’s why we always visit this place.

We had a Heart shape Pizzas and recieved chocolate from my husband

At the evening we were in National Restaurant La Favorita (Italian) which we ordered 2 kinds of soup which are tomato with crème for my husband and mine was bread with egg yolk at the top. The main menu we had vegetarian pizzas! It was great food. Our day of Valentines was pretty good.


Annie said...

Ka cute sa baby oi atubang man sad sa heart nga pizza...

Jeanne said...

i love the heart ppizza :) have a great weekend