So Cute Awards From Friends

This Sexiest Body Award, I received from Justine, Francine
Anne/byotipol, yay, makes my liver (ai heart) big! (lol) want to hide myself on the corner. Anyway, thanks for passing this award Just and Anne.
I thank that after I gave birth my baby boy, I’m not gaining so much weight, I’m now slim, back to normal, but unlike before so slim or skinny.(lol) I can say that I am in exactly weight now, as I've wish. I hope my weight still like this from now on.

So, Im passing this award to Ging2x, sis Melanie, Sis Marilou, Malyn, Ate Gina, Marie(Mayumi), Hanna, Sexymom(Unpredictablelife), Justine, Lalainejesu, Amorfrancis,Joy-Kikay and Marlene Lemback.

This Fantastic blogger award and I love your blog award, I recieved this from Anna and Francine. Thanks for passing this award. I appreciate it. Makes myself motivate to do more blogging.(lol)

I pass this 2 Fantastic blogger award and I love your blog award to all my friends in my Blogroll. Hope you guys will grab this awards. This is from the bottom of my heart.

I recieved this award from Ladynorms and Justine.
I want to pass this award to Gen(ging2x), Sis Melanie, Sis Marilou, Sheng, Twerlyn, Nancy, Cjay, Quen, Petradear and Loannah


Mummy Sheng said...

thanks so much for the award! i truly appreciate it!

you're lucky not to gain weight after your pregnancy. you're one hot mumma!

thanks again and take care!

Norm said...

thanks for posting the doggie award sis! and if ok with you I got another awards for you in my yesterday's site

JOY said...

nice naman ng mga award..dami,panu ko kaya gawin sabay wahehehe..nag abot wahaha!naa baya pud ko tag nimo kaayo..try ra gud tan aw?

HANNA said...

Hi Ricka!
Congratulations to Your award!
Nice this carnival in Bern!
Thanks a million for the award!
Today I'm posting the page...

see U Ricka ;0)

gen2507 said...

hahaha lol, daghana award oi lol haha, sis. gibutang na naku imoang tag sa akoa hehehe lol nindot man lol