What a Manic Monday

What a Manic Monday! Husband was on good sleeping (maybe his dreaming too. lol) but the alarm radio was singing to wake him up! Oh poor husband he needs to go to again his work to travel. Last 2 weeks he just stayed only at our house and work on with his computer because his boss have holiday, so, he had also holiday and his was little bit attacked by flu last week, but today his start again to his work and travel (within 2 and half hours) to go to his office. He needs to hurry up early morning to reach the train because he is not going with his car to avoiding the traffic. So he decided everyday to go with the train. What a stress work my husband has! Hopefully this is the last week of his travel going to their office and wish that he is in our home staying and working with his computer and maybe soon he can find a room for his own office too.
I just hopping and dreaming that my husband stills my side on our bed when is early morning on week days. What a Manic Monday or Manic week days! (lol) My husband and I wish today is Sunday because Sunday is our fun day! (lol) did you get it what that kind of song is that? (lol) Today is just another Manic Monday! It’s just a Manic Monday!

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