My Cosmopolitan Cover Magazine

This is fun doing our photo cover magazine, feeling like a celebrity(lol). Ladynorms tagged me about this Cosmopolitan Cover Girl. So I grabbed my one picture and upload to the site I was enjoying doing my pictures making different cover magazine. So here it is the photo which I like to post in here my blog. I had many pictures my self, maybe it’s more than 15 thousand pictures in my laptop (lol) but this picture caught me in my eyes, is quiet old one though. This was taken last year during spring time; I was 3 months pregnant on this photo.

How about you guys? Try it now yourself to be in Cover Girl Magazine Cosmopolitan. I passed this Cover Girl Cosmopolitan to Sis Mars, Sis Melanie, Ging2x, Justine and Nieves. Make it yourself a cover magazine. Grab your one picture and upload it to the Try it guys you will like it.

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Luana said...

I got a Valentines gift for you here (^0^) Come pick up!