In a Little Park

Today, it was perfect weather. It is just 15 degrees c., just exactly what I wish for weather. My baby and I went outside having a cool breeze air in a little park near by our flat we stayed there just 15 minutes. It was so nice at the parks hearing the birds singing and looking the ducks swimming on a little lake. There are also some people with their kids playing at the play area. We are so lucky our flat is near by little park, which people or kids can play and can do picnic with a big grill area. When summer and autumn season my husband and I we did picnic and played a badminton in their. We are so lucky we are close this little park, when our baby can play alone, I think we keep going in this little park. Have a great day to all my guests and col-bloggers in my page!

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Mummy Sheng said...

wow, what a nice bonding moment!