Fasnacht-Lenten Carnival In Bern, Switzerland

Last Saturday we were in Bern with Filipina friend and her husband. We watched the Fasnacht Parade (carnival in Alemannic folklore) We Enjoyed looking the people wearing masks and their colorful costumed and some are looks like funny. The best for me which is the bear man. His costume really look real bear(called Carnival Bear,photo above) which I really like. I’m just taking photos and doing videos from my digi camera, to bad I didn’t bring our video camera that’s why I used only in my digi camera to do video. Our adorable baby was really pretty good he just lying in the stroller and in deep sleep. He love it when he is in stroller. He never cry at all. Even on that fasnacht was so loud music from drums and flute.
After in 3 hours standing on the street watching the Fasnacht Parade I felt I was freezing! It was freaking cold! (lol) my feet was really freezing(eww that was so cold) it was good after the parade we went direct to the restaurant had cafes and teas and a little bit snack. what a hassle? Hopefully I will not get sick. I don’t know, we just enjoy looking their customes even past few years was snowy, my husband and I went during on that time, and last Saturday was pretty good weather but I was freezing. (lol)

This is the funny one I took.
Fasnacht mean Lenten carnival in Alemannic word mean folklore. This Fasnacht celebrated yearly started Thursday before the Ash Wednesday until the early hours of Sunday morning. It is a tradition since 1982. This Carnival in switzerland unlike carnival in Rio, which is held at the peak of summer, the Swiss have to dress up a lot more warmly. During this Carnival Season people are enjoy life to the full. Swiss city come alive with the sound of drumming, flute-playing and marching by masked and costumed figures. Like this tradition, many of the costumes worn at the carnival reflect current affairs and events.

Summary Video :-) sorry quite blurd. (lol)


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