Taking care of yourself after giving birth thru Cesarean Operation

There are 2 ways of giving birth 1 is thru Ceasarian Operation and 2 is thru Vaginal Birth. Pain medications can help during the first few days, the medication given are considered safe during breastfeeding. The nurses will assist you in getting up the first time, learning to cough or huff to keep your chest clear, dealing with the gas that can follow surgery, and learning to hold your baby in ways that are comfortable for you. If assistance is not available when you need it, press your call button and ask for help.
All new parents can benefit from assistance at home after childbirth, but for a woman who has had a cesarean birth such help is essential for at least the first week. Not only are you undergoing a transformation to a nonpregnant state and learning to care for your new baby, you are recovering from major surgery. Adequate help, allowing you to rest often during the day, can make a great difference in how quickly you feel strong and well. Taking care of yourself and your baby should be your only duties until you feel ready to take on more.

I as am delivered my child thru Cesarean these activity restrictions are usually recommended as what the midwife and doctor said are as follows.

Limit stair climbing as much as possible.
Don't lift anything heavier than your baby for the first two weeks.
Ask your mate or a friend to do laundry, vacuuming, and other tasks that require bending, lifting, or pushing for at least the first few weeks after birth. Then resume such work gradually.
Do not drive a car for the first two weeks.
Take showers instead of tub baths until the incision is completely healed and dry.

Ask your doctor or midwife for specific instructions on the care of your incision.

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