Good day bloggers!

Hello, Gooday bloggers, its another day, another brand new day! Christmas is getting so near, from now its 13 days to go and its Christmas celebration together of our families.
Today I woke up early morning and my baby Cedric too. Hubby woke up earlier than me because his office its far from our place. Every weekdays he travelled almost 3 hours *sigh* to go to his new work, and back and forth will be almost 6 hours and arrived at night 8 PM...hayy think of that? so tiring....and I miss my hubby at a day too to see him, yeah he is too! he missed our baby Cd and of course the owner of this page, but this January he will be here in our place, he will get new office, the cheif of him give the new office in our place, so that he will not travel so long hours. yeyy, Im glad for that hubby can stay here in our place in whole day, when I need help so he can help at the same time.
Today, just my daily routine, taking care of baby Cd and maybe I will do also iron our clothes, there are so many bundle of clothes in our basket not already finished iron,, hayy life of new momma...many things to do! yeah that its a new mommy so busy everyday. It is good I have still time my fingers working here doing some entries here in my blog, I am trying hard everyday that I still update my blog and have new entries.
Oks co-bloggers thats all for now, cyah later! Tschüsss Tsuppp...

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