I recieved these things yesterday, I was soooo surprised! Hubby got this in mail box and he look so happy for me when he walked towards to me from the infront door because I recieved these things and someone sending to me. When I saw the name infront of the enveloped the name Horizont Verlag, that name so unfamiliar and strange for me, I don't know where is these from, but I didn't ordered this one on online shop a couple of days, why I recieved these things?

Inside of the enveloped has a bill but not so expensive just 12 swissfrancs only, 1 Disney small box, 2 books the Bambi and Dumbo, 1 winni Pooh Lamp and the winnie the Pooh baby Bib. This makes me amazed so cheap wowww only 12 sf. I pay for this things? hehehehe...I think when I buy these things in the shop, its expensive. Anyway, Im so happy that is not so expensive because I never really ordered these things on online shop and Im glad too to have this things for my adorable baby boy!

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