What is Cornercard? Cornercard is also kind of a credit card and a prepaid card. My hubby got a new card VISA and Mastercard a month ago, because he's old VISA card there is no passport photo and this new Credit Card a Corner Card very secure there is a passport photo at the back of the card, so hubby decided to have this Cornercard and he also gave me a Mastercard so that wherever I go I have this credit card, To have a credit card shopping around for a credit can save a money on interest and fees.
This Cornercard there are different color gold, silver, or blue.
Hubby got color gold and me is silver color. This Cornercard there are special privileges which do from Visas or MasterCard. There are different exemplary service and personal care in German in French and in Italian round-the-clock, favorable fees, more security and protection abuse.
This is very good one really secure because there is also a security chip and passport photo on your Cornercard, fairness and transparence and constantly attractive offers. You can choose also from a huge number of designs and advantages exactly the Cornèrcard which corresponds to you: As a credit card and as a Prepaid card.
The advantages of this Cornèrcard, onlineaccess, mobileaccess, payment in foreign currencies, hire-purchase possibility, credit payment of interest liability with loss or theft travel accident insurance: It is only valid if you have paid with your Cornèrcard luggage loss assurance, Only valid if you have paid with your Cornèrcard recovery and return costs and Only valid if you have paid with your Cornèrcard
Yep, I am happy to have this Cornercard because it is secured card and there are many advantages.

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