QuickCam Communicate Deluxe

Logitech QuickCam Communication Deluxe Webcam, this is so cute, smart and easy settings. It also has other nicer small features like the privacy switch which covers the lens when you don't want the video transmitted, a dial to manually adjust the focus and a LED indicator that lights up when the camera is in use. Hubby bought for me a new Webcam, so that my family in Philippines they see clearly my adorable baby Cd because my old webcam is not so good that was also Logitech but is not so sharp unlike this new one a QuickCam Comm. Deluxe, LCD monitor, Built-in Microphone Portable, Maximum Video Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (SXGA).I used this webcam it with yahoo messenger and MSN messenger and its really perform very well. This is very nice it is sharp, vibrant images in any light with RightLight 2 Technology. A glass lens provides more lifelike images, and the high-performance sensor captures detailed photos up to five megapixels (software-enhanced) and with the additional features, such as sound adjustments, face tracking, just makes it better. It is really clear pictures.I really love I rate this 5 star and excellent webcam. This is a still very good webcam.

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