I recieved an Award "Creative Blogger"

Wew, it is so nice to recieved an award from your friend doing blogging, made u proud of your self how you are so cool and creative, Do I deserved this award? I recieved this award from Justine, many thanks for this Award Justine. Love it!
I pass this award to Marlene Lemback, Ging2x and Butchay.


Anonymous said...

are u gink sist??
i've know ging, n i.ve been chat with her today..
visit my blog please
at http://fauzansigma.blogspot.com

JOEMADEL said...

thanks ha..merry christmass

Maria Justine said...

you are more than welcome waffa :) you are deserving to have it naman eh!:-)

Marlene said...

Hi Switz, thanks so much sa award na ito. I appreciate it a lot!...http://www.lemback.com

Anna said...

Good morning Ricka....how are you doing ganda? Got A Tag For You:
Let's Laugh Together