Today my Baby Cedric is 1 month old

Yes, right! Today is my baby Cedric is 1 month old. He was born Wednesday November 7 '07. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY CUTE ANGEL" ur 1 month old now.
We named him Cedric David, isn't cute? Hope is good for ur airs guys!
Within 3 weeks he can already a little bit smile and say ahhh and ohhh and now this week he is 4 weeks he really perfectly see something and I can really play with him too with some little stuffed toys and he can really play too alone with some stuffed toys hunging on his crib. yayyy Im so excited to see my baby crawl on the bed, sofa and on the floor(hayy limpyo jud ko ani) and to see when he is walking and also feeding food to him, laughing out loud, singing, and saying Mommy and Papa and do shower with my baby ohhhh...Im really so excited of that all! Yeyyy, Lets see then guys!

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berrylicious said...

Hi, you have a very cute and adorable baby :)