Moonlight Dreamshow

Baby CD got this yesterday our Christmas present. Last night we tried out this and he really enjoyed watching the show make him smile and make him asleep. Im so glad we bought this things, because it is brings to him to enchanted world of the Pooh friends and wonderfully clear images dance around the room with music, while the harvest moon softly glows to send baby off dreamland. This magical dreamshow make my baby comfort lying on bed looking at the show and will fascinate during my baby's wide awake and sleep times alike.
This is complete with sound activation from you or your baby and further cycles will play until there is no noise around to active the lightshow.
It was so funny lastnight I wondered why was so direct played even I didn't press the buttom. I knew, only this morning is with the noise activation..hehehe..because lasnight I didn't read the directions, that is why!

Disney Winnie the Pooh Moonlight Dreamshow by Tomy.
Projects images of flying bees and butterflies on to the front screen and around the nursery to enchant and fascinate baby.
Voice activated lightshow with Winnie the Pooh theme tune.
Woodland images gently move across the glowing nightlight.
Plays comforting and much loved Pooh lullaby.
5 or 10 minute lightshow cycle.
Superior quality of projected lightshow on ceiling, and longer battery life.
Stimulates and calms your baby during key developmental periods.
Attaches to cot or free standing.
Powered by 4 x AA batteries (not included).
Suitable for ages 0m +.

Friday afternoon we recieved this gift from Hungary from the uncle of hubby living in hungary for good. Its is nice gift for Baby CD, T-shirt and long pants, me and hubby we really surprised! Hayyy it is nice the gift for my baby is never ending begin in hospital 'til here at home is sooo near too another gift will arrived from family again! *wink*



Marlene said...

Lucky baby, his first Christmas is grand! Nice stuff....btw, switz, i tagged u with this christmas tree blog parade, hope u don't mind.

Anna said...

Hello Ricka how are you girl? What a lovely child gyud imoha anak ba.....anyway.... Got A Tag For You:
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