Christmas Symbols Capital of the Philippines

Christmas Time in Tangub is always celebrated with great merriment and colorful activities. This is possible because of the one of a kind display of indigenous and low cost giant Christmas Symbols at our city plaza and highway barangays for competition. Today, Tangub City has gained another tagline as the Christmas Symbols Capital of the Phils.” Recent reports from the Department of Tourism indicated that Tangub City is included in their calendar of activities as one of the tourism destinations in the country during the “Christmas Season. Foreign and local tourists came in by busloads every night in order to experience and witness these yearly festivities in a very native setting. A dramatic increase of our tourist arrivals has been experienced. It is perceived that the contributing factors for the influx of the tourists during this year is because of the unique interpretation and presentation of the different Christmas symbols of various shapes & sizes lavishly displayed at our plaza and barangays, a really breathtaking sight to behold that catches everyone’s eye and imagination.


Anna said...

Merry Christmas Ricka ug sa imoha family dinha...This is absolutely a beautiful picture girl...Got A Tag For You:
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Hermie said...

Hi Ricka. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've been to Tangub and Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park last year.

I hope to visit these places again when I go to Mindanao tomorrow.

Merry Christmas and belated happy labor day to you, cheers!

Novz said...

i've never been to Tangub before though I've been to Ozamiz plenty of times already. Nindot diay ang pasko didto.

Merry christmas and happy new year to you!