My baby Angel is born!

Photo took 3 days old my Adorable Baby
Tuesday November 6 at night at 8:00 PM, I felt my solar plexis somethings strange, it is like burning, after a minutes I thrown up of what I ate. grrrr that was so worst, its killing me! Me and hubby decided to call on hospital to the midwife if I can go ealier, and the midwife asked all of what happened, the midwife said, I go then if so worst, but me and hubby still thingking if not getting better, will go directly in hospital, after 30 minutes, it was gone and decided to stay at home but suddenly after 10 minutes again was back I throwned up again and we decided really to go on hospital. On that night in hospital, the midwife gave me a medicine but they put thru in my anus,,,grrrr... and in the morning, the next day November 7, I woke up I felt something painful inside down maybe the pelvix is getting expand and at the whole day we are waiting and checking the movements and heartbeat of the baby, in the whole I am in my labor.

Photo took 2 days old my Adorable baby

To make it short the story, in whole day they put me 2 dextrose, checking the pelvix every 3 hrs, putting the medicine in my anus and also they injected me, I don't know what kind of medicine of that. they do all possible that the baby comes out, but still the baby not going outside only the movements of the baby are getting more and more and still the water not going out, Night came at 8:00 PM, I feel soooo painful in my pelvix, something my getting breake...!!! I think u knew what I mean, mura jud magisi ang ako bee LOLsss...the midwife called a Narkosis Doctor so that I can have a Anesthesia, so that I can't feel the painfull. The Narkosis Doctor was there after a minutes and then he put me a Anesthesia and the midwife told me that I must always change my position lying down, but still the baby not good in position inside but my pelvix are good already its expanding. 30 minutes ago the midwife get out the water, she used the long stick, I think that was 12 cm stick to get out the water but still the baby is not going out, and the midwife decided to call my OB doctor, she asked that need to be Ceasarian Operation, huhhhh My feelings was so strange, different feelings nervous or hmmm basta âng feelings ko ay halo-halo na...the midwife told to hubby and to me, my operation going to be at 10:00 PM. at 10:14 PM the baby cames out, My BABY ANGEL BORN, the MOST AWAITED TIME, its a cute and healthy baby boy, yessssss praise God! oh yeah! he is big, he was 3920 grams and 50 cm. OMG, thats why, thru CS. They showed me the baby on the time the baby was crying, yesssss, I just said only "oh my baby" that only I said coz I was so tired and then I fall asleep. I don't remember anymore what are the next happenings LOLs... can u imagine that almost 24 hrs I was to be in labor? LOLs...but at the end I am Ceasarian Operation. yeah that it is here in Switzerland or I think mostly here in Europe country are like that must 1st try to be normal deliver or to be in labor if there is no difficulties.
Back to the story, I awake already when I was on the room where we was before when I was in labor, yesss I asked 1st then to hubby, "where is the baby" they showed me and yessss and then I hold my baby on my shoulder!!!
I stayed in hospital within 7 days. The midwife and my OB doctor asked me if I stay longer, but I refused not to stay longer, coz I am so excited with my baby to go at home *wink* and I felt more so tired and not getting better when I stay longer in hospital specially hubby not allowed to stay on hospital to sleep grrrr...!!!
November 13, Welcome baby a new home! Now we are perfect and right family! Praise God I delivered a cute and healthy baby boy! I thanks to all HIM... He's there always when I need HIM. And to hubby thanks ur really my Schätz(Treasure, my darling) Im proud to have u!!!!

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