My Pregnancy update

Fall is here, I love fall too, it is nice to see different leaves colorfull and I can't deny it, its getting cold but I thanks GOD mostly the sun started this season is not hiding! *wink* I feel so excited every morning I woke up, specially the baby on the way! whewww!!! My belly now is big and this week my baby exactly 32 weeks. Not long journey to go, my due is approaching, Im soooo excited to hold my baby angel in my arms and hubby too. I wonder how my baby look a like, to mommy or to daddy? but totally the baby going to mixed half Swiss and half Fil. Would you guess friends if baby boy or girl? My friends telling me its a GIRL, coz I bloomed like flower. (just leave ur comments here or in my shout box LOLs...)

In my pregnancy I suffered vomiting during brushing my teeth, and also I was constipated(thats normal during pregnancy) but then a few months later was gone. And now my belly is bigger that ballon LOLss... and the baby in a weeks to go and ready to meet the world, I suffered skin irritation ot itchyness around my growing belly area, so itchy it's like crazy!!! It's something killing me and this itchyness that makes me awake and I scratched sometimes the itchy area that makes me awake in the night, sometimes I sleep very late and almost everynight I awoke at 4 AM because of so itchy...grrrggg... makes me tiresome....grrrgggg... Hubby and I thought that allergy from creme.

Hubby and I also talked to my OB-gyne Doctor last Thursday if there is a special creme, but my doctor said, theres no other creme, it is normal for pregnant.

I have a special creme for pregnancy, I put everynight and day so that I don't get stretch marks on my skin but that was not helping of itchyness grrrrgggg..!!!! its only good only for stretch marks. My doctor told me because I am small and my belly getting big, he said it is really normal to get more irritation at my belly skin. grrrrrrrr...

But something I found out not normal something really allergy.

Last Sunday we went to the drug store and we asked if there is a creme for itchy. The chemist telling us the Optiderm Creme but hubby and I need to tell 1st to my OB-gyne if that is good for pregnancy. I searched a lot more in internet to get the tips of what to do about this itchyness. I did the other night, I put moisturizer and soak to the lukewarm water and use the mild soap.This is a little bit helping.

but the itchyness is getting worse everyday!

As what I had searched in internet also "The main causes are the changing hormones your body is experiencing and the stretching of your skin, especially over your growing stomach. The good news is that, although it’s uncomfortable, it should only last for the duration of your pregnancy – or if you’re lucky, only intermittently – and your skin will cease to be itchy once you’ve had your baby."

Yesterday I went to my OB-gyne, he gave a lotion Der-Med, arrrrghhhh they took 2 tubes blood from me, to know if that allergy from other creme that I used huhhhhh...

Lastnight I used this Der-Med hayyy still itchy, I can't sleep well. Kailan kaya malaman namin ang result sa examine ng blood ko kng ano ba talaga, allergy kaya? hayyy I think 4 days to wait pa grrrrrrr...!!! they will send by post that result.

My body its really big now, I gain 13 kilos now in this pregnancy.

Anyway, on this my pregnancy isn't too hard for me, except this itchy around my belly, I very THANKS GOD for that all!And eventhough all of this skin irritation or itchyness around my belly skin, I am very EXCITED and so happy my due is approaching the day will come that I hold my baby angel in my arms sooner. Me and hubby SUPER so EXCITED!!!

Sometimes some of my friends they made joke for me if inside are two baby "it is twin?" they wondered, why my belly is so big even not already exactly 7 months. Past few weeks ago one of our neighbor asked of how many months my baby in my womb, She wondered my belly is already big even still 7 months, it is 2 months to go more. She asked also if twin inside hehehe LOLs...

Time to time, I feel the baby's movement, is so active and strong! LOLsss... and something I feel the baby tickled me. Sometimes hubby laugh when he sees the baby movement,

The baby room not yet finish fixing something, been looking forward this week to finish to arrange this stuffs!!!

Thats all for now folks wanna post more update later on...hugss for yah!!! Wish u have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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