Happenings today

This morning me and my hubby we've been to my OB-gyne, again my scheduled to checked the baby in my womb and specially the heart beat of the baby, Thanks God theres no problem at all. It is 58 days from now then it is my due, hurrrrayyyy whoahhh!!! LOLS... but hmmm we doesn't know if ealier and later the baby come. I'm so happy again and my husband too, we saw my baby in Ultrasound today, by 2 weeks again Im going back to my OB-gyne to check again coz the OB-gyne doctor have a holiday within 2 weeks thats why before he's going to his holiday need to check again the baby if the baby is in good position coz today kasi nasa ibabaw na naman ang ulo nya di sa ibaba...Last month sa ibaba ang ulo nya pero nagchange na naman sya ng position kaya after 2 weeks i'm going back to my OB doctor to check the baby again if in good position to due, if not maybe I am csesarian operation, but I need to have 1st a good decision my own decision thats all, if I am csesarian operation or in normal delevery.

Photo took August 25.

After from the OB-gyne Doctor we went to restaurant just for buffet, we had a simple but perfect lunch we had.

And now we are cleaning and preparing for the baby room, coz this coming saturday the baby closets, cribs are arrive. (((I thanks that my husband he don't have work every thursday.)))Im so excited and my husband to arrange of that stuffs and buy more stuffs for the baby and of course the clothes, about the stroller, we got that already last June. So, it is almost ready now when the baby come.

Thats all for today my friends, thanks for peeking here my blog again and wish u have a fruitful week ahead and happy weekend! and oppsss...tomorrow is friday my fave day swimming course na naman....and weekend then its a day of lakwatsa with hubby LOLS...yuppeyyy

ciao...tchüss... friends

see yah nxt time...hugsss yah!!!

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